Hello, we’re the Luan Group, we have a new super proposal to you!

What we have to your project?
  • A professional page in brazilian portuguese;
  • A portuguese video explaining the project;
  • Thousands of people to your page;
  • A facebook ads campaign;
  • Whatsapp and Telegram groups where investors will be able to take questions about the project, our team will answer all of it.
"What have limits is 3G, we have the perfect solution for your project!"

Who are we?

We’re brazilians determined to contribut with the release of new projects, calleds ICOs, for that reason, we created the Luanmkt, a marketing agency that will allow you to take your project to success, because we develop the right marketing and the right strategy to take you to thousand of people.

Reasons to work with us:

100% transparent job: we’ll give you details of the progress of the campaigns all weeks;
We’re serious and committed professionals.

How we’ll get traffic?

We get traffic with platforms similar Google’s adsense: through this platform, your project will be shown in thousand of sites, but not just that, we’ll also boost your project in Facebook Ads. This way, investors will easily see it.

What will be available in the page you create?

Will have a video explaining the project, a nutshell, a button that takes to the website, and another one that takes to the page of tokens sales.

Why Brazil? Why portuguese?

We’re more than 280 millions of people.

See our last jobs:

EMAIL: contato@luanmkt.com